Should Your Restaurant Be Active On Social Media?

September 21, 2020
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September 21, 2020 Merk

Half of the global population (3.8 billion people) uses social media, according to Hootsuite. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook serve a huge audience, and if you want to reach these people your restaurant needs to have a presence on the platforms as well. Restaurant owners often neglect social media because they believe other marketing avenues are more important or they think their time is better spent elsewhere. The truth, however, is that social media plays a big part in the growth and success of your restaurant.

Increase brand awareness

A majority of pictures on Instagram are photos of food. People are going to snap pictures of their meals and post the photos on social accounts. If they can tag your restaurant in their pictures, it’ll spread awareness of your brand and it’ll get people talking about your food.

Social media is also an opportunity to sell an experience to potential customers. If you want to be known as the best breakfast spot in the city, post photos and videos of people enjoying themselves over a morning cup of coffee and pancakes. Posting visuals, reviews, and other engaging content on your social accounts is a great way to get people talking about your restaurant.

Inexpensive marketing

Social media is also a free way to promote your restaurant. Post food specials, advertisements, and other promotions on your feed to get people interested in your food. Even if you want to boost a post or run an ad on one of the social media platforms, the overall cost is minimal compared to radio time or billboard ads. Start taking advantage of this affordable marketing resource and get your social media accounts up and running.

Connect with customers

A great way to increase customer loyalty and get people excited about your restaurant is to find new ways to connect with customers. Social media is all about that connection. When people comment on your food, you can thank them for coming in. If someone leaves you a review you have the opportunity to respond. Certain customers might even regularly post about your restaurant. This is an opportunity to engage in dialogue and create a personal connection. Once you start creating customer loyalty like this, your restaurant will be recommended more often, and you’ll see even more traffic to your restaurant.

Improve online presence

Active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts make it easier for people to find your restaurant online. People want to check out your social media, so they know what to expect in your dining establishment. Instagram photos help people get a good feel of the food and the atmosphere while Facebook helps people find up-to-date information about your restaurant such as hours of business, deals, and events.

Each social media account should have a different content focus, so whichever ones you choose to engage with, make sure you follow recommended practices for each platform. Creating an engaging social media plan takes time and careful thought, which is why many restaurants hire professionals to help run their social media pages.  If you need help getting a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter set up for your restaurant, then contact us today to find out how we can help you get active on social media.

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