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December 10, 2020
December 10, 2020 Merk

Improving Restaurant Communication With Slack 


Communication is the lifeblood of any successful restaurant. People outside the industry have no idea how many moving pieces a restaurant must manage to run smoothly. In today’s digital era, restaurants get a helping hand from communication apps like Slack that run on smartphones, tablets, and even watches. 


Let’s explore how restaurants are using communication technology to improve their services. One exciting feature of Slack is the ability to create teams so that everyone has access to the information they need but does not necessarily have to see every channel available. This allows you to use Slack for internal and external communication at the same time. 


What is Slack?


Slack is a channel-based messaging system that helps people work together efficiently, even when they are remote. It helps organize many conversations at once without the use of individual emails, phone calls, and texts. You can also share files and photos along with your communication. The messages are searchable, and the platform connects to other apps that can help manage your restaurant as well. 

Restaurants Internal Use Of Slack For Daily Operations 


Slack can be an invaluable tool for management and teams to collaborate, share important information, and for training purposes. Think of slack as a real-time message board where information is sorted and stored. Managers can communicate up-to-the-minute information with the front of the house, the kitchen, and servers easily. Some restaurants even use Slack to keep track of and communicate bookings, special requests, and other information that helps make a diner’s experience special. Managers can communicate with the kitchen easily, which is invaluable as well. 


Cater Source listed Slack as one of the 7 must-have apps to run your restaurant business. Slack also connects to other vital resources like dropbox. Managers can also use Slack for powerful and effective leadership. They can motivate and recognize staff for their good work in a public forum. 

Using Slack To Communicate With Vendors, Owners, Managers And More  


A glowing example of how Slack helps restaurants communicate is its use by Single Thread, a fine-dining farm to table establishment. They use Slack internally to communicate with the wait staff, bookings, and the kitchen, but they also use the platform with vendors. 


Single Thread has created channels that connect the farmers, other food suppliers, florists, and restaurant managers for a seamless operation that works flawlessly. Each day the kitchen is updated in real-time about what fresh produce and proteins they will have in stock. The florists are updated on the day’s menu items and can work out a beautiful color pallet for their daily deliveries. 


Managers are able to easily survey the many moving parts of their business with a few glances and no longer have to put up with messy email chains or endless text messages. Communication that once had to be done with length in-person meetings can now be done on the fly with instant messaging and chatting within a digital message board’s organized structure.

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