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August 20, 2018
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August 20, 2018


5 Benefits Of The Toast POS Tool For Restaurants 


The Toast Point Of Sale System was created to work with all types and sizes of restaurants. Since it first launched in 2012, the product has remained a top competitor in its field while staying reasonably priced. This point of sale system helps you take orders, process payments, and a whole lot more. If you can think of a software feature that would make running your restaurant easier, Toast probably has it. These are the top five reasons you should consider using Toast POS for your restaurant. 


#1. Ability To Pivot And Continually Expanding Features


The 2020 pandemic left a lot of restaurants hurting and even shutting their doors. While this did have a big impact on the Toast company, they have managed to pivot and expand their features that allow for contactless delivery and curbside service. Being able to move with the ever-changing tides of business is one of the features that make Toast POS worth the price. 


Some of their popular features include:


  • Splitting checks
  • Closeout function (Audit report)
  • Tableside ordering
  • Menu creating
  • Customized tip nudges 
  • Reporting 
  • Labor management and time tracking 
  • Inventory management 
  • Helpful tools for cooks, color-coded, time stamps, a notification system 
  • Digital receipts option 
  • Pay at table feature 
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Online Ordering 
  • Toast Take-Out (mobile app) 
  • Toast Delivery System (Add-on service) to help with managing the delivery of orders, including contactless delivery options 


#2. Pricing


Toast offers restaurant owners a straightforward pricing plan that begins at $75 a month. There are additional tiers of service and add-on features, but all are transparently priced and easy to understand. All the tiers come with 27/7 customer support. One of their popular add-on services is the eGift Card system for just $25 a month. You can include digital ordering that makes contactless delivery easy to manage for just $50 a month. 

#3. Hardware Options


Unlike most of the competition, Toast runs on an Android operating system, which makes hardware like tablets for table-side ordering much cheaper. The hardware, which is a separate cost, starts at $999 for a starter kit that comes with a cash drawer, customer-facing screen, and much more. 

#4. Ease Of Use And Customer Support 


Toast has a great track record when it comes to customer service. You can get service anytime, day or night. You won’t be charged extra for these calls; it is included in your service package. They will help you with installation, hardware issues, training, and general support tickets. 

#5. Credit Card Processing 


The Toast package comes with a flat-rate and secure credit card processing service. This is a mandatory feature and will be part of your contract. It is useful to have an all-in-one service package that provides everything you need. 


The Toast POS system is perfect for small, average, or even large restaurants of all types. No matter if you are a full-scale fine dining establishment or a small family-owned pick-up counter, this is a great solution to running the backend of your restaurant.


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